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About MKTS

Milton Keynes Telugu Sangham (MKTS) is a Language based organisation for Telugu speaking people based in and around Milton Keynes. Telugu is a Dravidian language spoken in the Indian telugu states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana of approximately 90 million population, where it is the official language and second most spoken language in India. The word Sangham means Association.

Our Mission

MKTS is a voluntary non-profit organisation representing and serving majority of Telugu community in and around Milton Keynes since 2005. MKTS was founded with a main objective of spreading the Telugu culture and literature amongst the Telugu community as well as other communities elsewhere in UK. MKTS conducts various events throughout the year which become a forum for Telugu people to meet each other. MKTS also celebrates Telugu festivals according to Telugu calendar by gathering all families under one roof, which is really helpful for the young kids to get to understand better the culture and heritage. Main purpose of the of the organization is to assist and promotecultural,religious and social community activities of the people of Telugu origin. As we had radid growth since a decade, more people are showing interest in taking part in MKTS activities.